When It Comes to Repairing Raised Curb Sections…

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Oops… they hit it again… and again… and again. If your maintenance crews are constantly replacing broken curb sections from your raised curb separator systems, it’s time to break the cycle, reduce maintenance costs and save time by switching to Dura-Curb™.

Raised curb separator systems help provide superior channelizing for motorists and clearly delineate traffic lanes, but many are not designed to survive in demanding severe use applications. In these locations, curb sections can be impacted repeatedly every day as motorists pass by. This leaves many ordinary curb sections broken and requiring replacement again and again. This maintenance not only costs time and money – it exposes your crews to dangerous traffic.


The Dura-Curb raised separator system from JTI is designed for severe use applications and can withstand repeated impacts without shattering or requiring replacement. Unlike plastic curb systems that shatter when impacted and spread debris all over the roadway, the Dura-Curb is constructed of HMW/HDPE plastic, a highly durable, resilient material that absorbs impact energy. This extremely durable material provides superior UV resistance and is unaffected by road salts and oils common to the roadway environment. The curb sections’ integrated color vision strips are molded into the modules so there is no paint to smudge off.

The Dura-Curb can help you escape the endless cycle of replacing curb sections in high-impact-frequency areas. Contact JTI for more information.