What Can Portable Traffic Signals Do For You?

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Are you looking for ways to simplify traffic control, save time and lower costs on construction projects? Adding portable traffic signals (PTS) to your toolbox can help you reduce the number of project phases and get jobs completed faster by eliminating the need to coordinate temporary poles, span wire lights and underground utilities. They work 24 hours per day, never call off from work and provide a safer option to flaggers.

Today’s portable traffic signals can help you simplify traffic control in a broad range of applications, from work zone lane closures to controlling complete intersections in urban areas. They feature sophisticated traffic signal controller technology in a highly portable trailer-mounted solution that is battery-powered.

PTS 2000 Portable Traffic Signals

The PTS-2000 Portable Traffic Signals

Portable traffic signals have become more versatile and adaptable than ever before, thanks to a variety of innovative accessories and features. These include vehicle detection, emergency vehicle preemption, pedestrian signals, wait time displays, extended signal arms, turn arrows, remote monitoring, and programming capabilities, among others. JTI’s PTS-2000 portable traffic signal exemplifies this versatility, offering an easy-to-deploy, setup, and operate solution for all your temporary traffic control needs.

Watch the PTS-2000 in Action:

Our PTS-2000 portable traffic signals have been successfully deployed across the country, showcasing their effectiveness in various scenarios. Watch a video of the PTS-2000 portable traffic signals in action here.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs:

At JTI, we specialize in building and outfitting portable traffic signals to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you are planning a road construction project, managing traffic during a utility operation, or setting up a temporary traffic control system, our PTS-2000 portable traffic signals provide a reliable and efficient solution.

Contact Us for Your Upcoming Projects:

If you have an upcoming project that requires temporary traffic control, contact JTI to learn more about how our portable traffic signals can simplify the process and keep traffic flowing safely through your work zone. Our team of experts will work closely with you to identify and implement the right solutions to address your traffic control challenges. Let us help you ensure a smooth and safe traffic flow in your work zone with our state-of-the-art portable traffic signals.