Tow-and-Go Radar Speed Trailers Calming Traffic

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We’ve all seen motorists fly through residential areas or school zones without any concern for the speed limit. Radar speed trailers were designed to help change all that by alerting motorists of how their traveling speed relates to the posted speed limit. Some people might mistake these trailers as law enforcement tools with enforcement cameras – when in fact they are designed to be traffic calming tools and provide real-time feedback to motorists to boost speed limit awareness and compliance.

Use of radar speed trailers has increased in communities across the United States in recent years. A typical radar speed trailer consists of an LED speed display sign, a radar speed detector and a regulatory speed limit sign. As a vehicle approaches the trailer, its speed is detected by the radar and displayed in real time on the LED sign.  A static sign that reads “Your Speed” is also attached to the display to give motorists immediate feedback of how their speed compares to the speed limit.

Speed Trailers SpeedSafe 20/20 Quickly Towed to Calm Traffic

Radar Speed Trailers like JTI’s SpeedSafe 20/20 are designed to be easy to deploy and are frequently used in work zones, school zones, residential neighborhoods and other areas where speeding is a concern. The SpeedSafe 20/20 can be quickly towed to a location and setup by one person in minutes with minimal training. Once setup, it can help calm traffic.

Speed Trailers 
SpeedSafe 20/20

Departments of Transportation and contractors are finding that deploying radar speed trailers in their work zones provides yet another way to get people to slow down. Studies have shown that speed limit compliance is increased by 10 to 40 percentage points when a radar speed trailer is present. This helps protect the safety of roadway workers.

Police departments, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and other organizations are deploying radar speed trailers to promote safety in residential neighborhoods. Speed display trailers are a cost-effective way for communities to help calm traffic without hard enforcement. Motorists tend to drive slower once they are aware of their speed.

If you are interested in deploying a radar speed trailer in your work zone or community, contact JTI about the SpeedSafe 20/20 to learn more.