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Portable traffic signals have come a long way since the early days of diesel-powered engines and basic programming. Today they are state-of-the-art traffic control devices with sophisticated logic and features that enable them to safely control traffic in even the most complex work zones.

JTI’s portable traffic signals include the Galaxy® controller, an advanced operating system that can control up to 16 phases and a network of up to 30 portable signal trailers. PTS-2000 portable traffic signals can be interconnected with Driveway Assistance Devices (DADs) to control traffic traveling through a one lane, two-way work zone. Applications for portable traffic signals range from a single set of signals to multiple sets with DAD devices in more complex work zones.

Whether you have one set of signals or an entire network, one thing holds true. You want to know what is happening with your signals even when you’re not there. The latest remote Management technology makes this possible. JTI’s signals are available with the Galaxy Remote Management System (RMS), which enables you to monitor the health of your signals and receive text alerts should an issue arise. You can access the easy-to-use Galaxy RMS dashboard online anywhere, anytime using your phone, tablet or PC to view the latest status and logs for each signal in your fleet.

Galaxy RMS

The Galaxy RMS also has a real-time video feed

The Galaxy RMS also has a real-time video feed that shows the traffic queue in front of the signal trailer. This enables you to adjust the signal programming as needed to keep traffic flowing smoothly or to address volume fluctuations, if necessary.

JTI has designed the Galaxy RMS system from the ground up to provide a comprehensive 24/7 view of your portable traffic signals. If the controller identifies an issue with a portable traffic signal trailer, it automatically sends a text alert to the people on your team that you designate to receive alerts

Kole Weaver, President of JTI

The Galaxy RMS is available as an option with JTI’s complete line of portable traffic signals. Contact JTI to learn more about the Galaxy Remote Management System and how you can monitor your traffic signals 24/7 with this latest PTS technology.